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Hello! My name is Betsy Vedder and I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist living in Colorado with my 4 beautiful children and amazing husband. Most days you can find me chasing after my munchkins, being outside, cooking, or getting stuff done. I have a crazy love of learning and am always finding myself researching a new topic or finding health solutions for people in my life. I would definitely call myself intuitively blessed and often rely on that to guide my health practice. I love music, I love cooking, and I love, love my family.
I'm also just like you -- I have my own health struggles, am not perfect when it comes to eating, maintaining balance, or doing everything just as it should -- but I strive for this every day.

I learned how food can have the power to heal with each bite -- I learned how to manage stress and how important it is to keep it in check -- and I learned how valuable your health is.
Is it time for you to commit to a better life for yourself? What's holding you back?

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